“Inspiring people. Doing creative work. Changing lives.” ~ KC

It’s that type of simplicity and authenticity that attracts people to KaVonte Carthron. Always known to deviate from what is known as “the norm”. KaVonte is modeling the new norm and writing a new narrative in his life while adapting to an array of settings from Music to Technology and Philanthropy. These are three different worlds yet they all converge and make up his sphere of influence.

Passionate about young people, KaVonte connects with schools, churches, foster camps and juvenile detention centers sharing his experiences along with discussing a variety of topics such as:

I. The Decline of Black Male Success in Primary / Secondary Education: Ramifications of Low Teacher Expectations

II. So As A Man Thinketh 101: The Power of Thoughts, Deeds, and Actions

III. Do As I’ve Done: Counter Culture

IV. The G.L.O.W. (God’s Love + Overall Will)

He is also an ordained Minister and the Founder / CEO of GodWork Foundation, a purpose driven organization that promotes Good Works, Technology & Entrepreneurship education for school-aged youth along with those in disinvested communities.

Understanding the heartbeat of the next generation, KaVonte knows what it’s like to have his back against the wall with a sense of hopelessness. Instead of doing something damaging, he encourages young people to do something EPIC with their lives.

Fun Fact: KaVonte was terrified of public speaking and refused to take any classes associated with it.

KaVonte touches on a variety of motivational topics and has a large repertoire of material from which to draw. For all organizations that work with students who come from tough backgrounds or at-risk youth, KaVonte aka Yah-Key is an asset and would be a great addition. Kevin Sweetland

Director of Student Services, Chicago Excel Academy


“I hung wit OG’s err since I was a shawty, stackin up knowledge cuz that’s the new money.” ~ KC

An avid learner and student of life, KaVonte educates himself daily and is always eager to learn, this is why he excels in his many endeavors!


“REAL thoughts. REAL questions. I don’t need the fake I need some REAL answers.” ~ KC

KaVonte has been blessed to connect with churches and other faith-based organizations in his efforts to make something or someone better.


“Crackheads out here feenin’ you should too for a deeper meaning.” ~ KC

The meaning of life, something we are all in search of. Let KaVonte help you find the pace you were created to do life at. Your Rhythm. Your Reason. Your Ride.