KaVonte Carthron aka Yah-Key, is an Innovator, Life Teacher, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, International Performer and Ordained Minister. He expounds on the good and bad in his lifetime while drawing from his own troubled past and experiences. Known as “the SAINT” his authenticity, smile and hip swagger create a brand of inspiration that is a breath of fresh air to many. 

The Evolution

Above all: to thine own self be true. His deepest thoughts, heart & soul, wounds, longings, and desires are just a few pieces of a man carefully crafted together throughout snapshots of his life. Street savvy immersed with intellectual flair, “the SAINT” has a message that evokes thought and elicits positive change in the hearts of man; with the intention to create a Counter Culture reflecting the heart of God.

Connect with the SAINT

Yah-Key performance was too LIT, he’s a voice for us!


Nothing short of a miracle, he is an ordained minister, husband of over 10 years, father of three, revolutionary and social entrepreneur.  He is also the Founder & CEO of GodWork Foundation, a non-profit organization that combines Good Works, Technology and Entrepreneurship education as a transforming gateway in underserved communities. The Counter Culture that he’s creating shows that everything this young man does echo the reign of God in his life.

“the SAINT”